Bachelor in Computer Science

Type of program: Undergraduate

Duration: 3.5 years (7 semesters),210 ECTS

Language of instruction: English

Deegre awarded: Bachelor of science

Study program overview

The aim of the studies is to educate specialists, who are able to run a company in the era of computerization and electronic networks and who possess abilities necessary in commercial and public activities. After the first step of education, a studentis equipped with complete education of basic IT studies. During the second step, a student acquires knowledge and abilities of designing, constructing, exploiting computer networks, software and artificial intelligence. The third step of education covers special subjects preparing future engineers to be able to design and use computer systems in management. The theoretical and practical knowledge gained during the studies let students become specialists in IT.

Program curriculum

Introduction to project management, Computer Architecture, Introduction to Programming, Object-oriented Programming, Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Databases, Introduction to problem based learning, Cloud computing architecture, Databases for mobile devices with NoRel elements, ERP systems, Information security management.

Career opportunities

Successful graduate of undergraduate course in Computer Science can find employment in institutions where new computer systems are constructed, applied and developed. Graduates can work as computer systems designers, data bases administrators, computer programmers, webmasters, security experts, system analysts, IT engineers or computer graphic artists.