1. Until when all in-presence classes are suspended?
  • All in-presence teaching activities have been suspended until 29.03.2020 with further notice.
  1. How are the classes supposed to be conducted in the suspension period?
  • All classes will be conducted online and as e-learning via educational platforms. You will be informed about your next classes by e-mail that is why all students are advised to have their emails as well as their online accounts regularly checked. You can check out how to use online education tools here:
  1. Can I extend my examination period now?
  • All students who have failed to receive all credits for their winter semester, will be given the opportunity to make them up until 30.06.2020 without the need to submit a formal request at the Dean’s Office. Any students who have not received a credit for their diploma seminar are requested to contact their thesis supervisor by e-mail.
  1. My student card is going to expire soon – what shall I do?
  • There is no need to visit Dean’s Office in order to extend validity of your student card. By the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education the validity period of all student cards has been automatically extended until 31.05.2020.
  1. Shall I still pay my fee for studies?
  • All curriculum of your study program in spring semester will be completed. However, due to the current situation, online teaching will be very intense via e-learning and educational platforms. That is why, for this moment we do not plan for any modifications in fee payment.
  1. Will the Dean’s Office, Internationa Office and Library work in the suspension period?
  • All WSB University departments and offices will be closed for personal visits until 29th March. All students are kindly asked to arrange their queries via e-mails or phone with the relevant office staff. All queries will be dealt with on a regular basis.
  1. Will the date of my graduation change?
  • Yes, we will keep you informed about the date of your final thesis examination after 01.04.2020.
  1. Can I still submit my application for a social grant?
  • Any students who plan to apply for a social grant, are requested to contact the Scholarship Office staff: Ms. Katarzyna Rycerz by email at or by phone: 32 295 93 66
  1. Will any extra-curricular activities be conducted?
  • All extra-curricular activities have been suspended until 29.03.2020 with further notice.
  1. How can I submit my admission documents?
  1. Can I receive any financial support from WSB University due to the reduced income in my family affected by coronavirus?
  • Yes. Any student of WSB University (or their family memeber) who have lost their main income due to the epidemic state caused by coronavirus can apply for a special financial support.

International students who have started their education in WSB University in academic year 2019/2020 or who hold a document „Karta Polaka” („Polish Card”) can also apply for a special financial grant.

Application form can be downloaded from here,76,1204 i and sent by email to

Application deadline – 15th April 2020.

  1. Where should I check my schedule now?

From now on, all online classes for programs in English and Russian are published on this website:

Students are recommened not to follow the schedule in their online accounts for now as it may differ from the actual one which is published regularly on this website:

  1. What should I do if my visa expires soon and I cannot travel to my home country to extend it?

Students whose visa will expire soon, are advised to apply for the residence permit here in Poland. If you would like to apply for the residence permit in Poland these days, you can still do this, however due to the state of epidemic threat, voivodeship offices have suspended direct customer service. Therefore, all applications for the legalization of stay of foreigners in Poland may be submitted by post.

But please remeber to send your application to the voivodeship office via Poczta Polska S.A before the period of your current legal stay has expired – only such action guarantees that the deadline for submitting the application will be met.

Please read this carefully and follow the recommendations: