Master in Management (International Business)

Type of program: Undergraduate

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters), 120 ECTS

Language of instruction: English

Deegre awarded: Bachelor of science

Study program overview

This program is practically oriented which allows students to acquire knowledge and competences necessary to function in the international business environment, including national large enterprises that are conduct international operations and global corporations. Students will gain knowledge and skills, among others, in the area of global financial system, financial management in international organizations, international marketing, including e-marketing, customer relationship management, preparation of international contracts and commercial documents. As part of the module, students will take part in a team based on learning by developing formula. A significant number of classes is based on the case study methodology and gamification.

Program curriculum

Leadership, Intercultural communication, Statistical methods in business, Contemporary economic models, International public law, Business economics, Management of enterprise on the international market, Business and international negotiations, Sustainable management, CSR, Global strategies of international companies, Global financial system, Sales strategies on international market, Documents in international trade, Finance management in international corporations, Business in Asia, International organizations, Diplomatic and consular law, Business etiquette in international environment.

Career opportunities

This study program will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to run your own business or work in international institutions in the European Union. You can also take advantage of job opportunities in chambers of commerce or business centers and national or international administration.