New recommendations COVID-19

As of Saturday, 24th October the whole territory of Poland has become a red zone with a set of new restrictions introduced.

The restrictions include:

    • Restaurants, pubs, cafes can only prepare takeaway and delivery meals.
    • It is forbidden to gather more than five people during events, meetings, and gatherings in public spaces (except for business meetings)
    • Sports events without audience participation are allowed
    • Cultural events with a 25% occupancy limit
    • Primary schools (grades 4-8) work in remote mode
    • From 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. children up to 16 years old cannot go out alone (without an adult accompanying them)
    • Seniors citizens (over 70 years) should stay at home.

Please note that the restrictions introduced earlier are also in place. Remember to cover the mouth and nose in public places (including outdoors)!

Stay safe! #stayhome

More information:

Please remember, that for all the latest news and updates regarding the situation caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic in Poland, please follow a dedicated website prepared by Polish authorities: