Student Psychological Services

Free psychological assistance for students, postgraduate students and PhD students

Since we know that well-being and mental health have a significant impact on our physical condition and immune system, we are providing free psychological assistance for our students, postgraduate students and PhD students from 12 October 2020.

Remote work, no contact with friends and family, no social meetings, fear of infection – all this means that our mental health may suffer significantly during the pandemic. Although the situation has been ongoing for several months now, some of us may still be afraid, and not everyone is able to deal with this challenge on their own.

What can you talk to a psychologist about?

– Emotional tension, overreacting to loved ones
– Crises in close relationships
– Communication with your partner or children
– Tensions in the body, aches and pains, psychosomatic symptoms
– Mental hygiene in the period of social isolation
– Family conflicts
– Fears for the future – studies, work, financial liquidity
– Support for relatives, the elderly and the weak
– Soothing your mind, taking care of yourself
– Sea of thoughts, helplessness, reluctance
– Melancholy, depression, sadness
– Difficulty with concentrating, remembering, thinking
– Difficulty sleeping and getting enough rest
– Letting go of things, refusing, making decisions
– … or maybe something else?

We look forward to hearing from you on Skype (username: wsparcie psychologiczne Akademii WSB (WSB University psychological support) or by phone on the dates listed below. If the number is busy – we will call you back. In case of technical problems, please contact us at 32 295 93 40 or by e-mail at

By launching these activities, WSB University wants to ensure you have support and are being taken care of. Let’s not be ashamed to ask for help if we really need it. Sometimes an honest and calm conversation with another person is enough for a fresher, brighter look at the world around us.








32 295 93 08

dr n. hum. Dominika Siewniak-Maciuszek – lecturer at WSB University, senior assistant of psychiatric department in a hospital

Service in English language



32 295 93 06

dr n. hum. Radosław Molenda – lecturer at WSB University, assistant professor, psychological assistance consultant

Service in Russian language